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We don’t do motivation, we don’t create talents or changes in your DNA…

What we can do – and we are good at it – is develop your skills and the attitude that will influence your future.

The Guy

Your Sigma Delta Consulting coach :
Guy De Vleeschauwer.


After years of international experience in sales and marketing positions at leading companies, Guy has been a full time coach, mentor and trainer since 2002. 

His hands-on experience, coupled with his passion, practical expertise and original approach with a lot of humour make him a much sought-after coach who likes to think within the specific company and business context.

This resulted in a long reference list of satisfied customers, who often call on him for multiple assignments over a longer period of time.

Guy also has extensive practise as a keynote speaker for large events where his ‘power speeches’ are lived like a real experience.

Not just this piano virtuoso, some sellers also have a lot of trouble closing.

Do you also want to evolve from good to better?

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